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Facebook: taking over Pandora…and my brain

I logged in to Facebook on a new computer today — five minutes later I logged on to Pandora.  And then it started building me my own radio station based off Facebook–a little creepy, but neat.  Then I noticed it was telling me a random friend of mine enjoys the same artist.  That’s a bit odd…and not just because I don’t want my guilty pleasure Kelly Clarkson habit to get out.

I’ve heard from a lot people that Facebook linking their world actually ended up deleting a bunch of their profiles.  Whoops-a-daisy.


3 Responses

  1. You didn’t have much choice, it was either relinquish your privacy or delete your profile info. There was a post via Google reader this week that told you how to by-pass the linking process and instead put all the info into your Bio section where things are still free form willy nilly.

  2. I’ve been toying with the idea of account deletion too. Sadly, I think Facebook is far too useful as a networking/friend-making tool for deletion to be an easy decision to make. I’m thinking long and hard about it though.

  3. I agree! I want to be like, I don’t need you and your nonsense in my life facebook. But the sad truth is, I really DO need it in my life!

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