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One bourbon, please…or 60.

This has got to the coolest place I’ve read about in awhile.

From NY Mag:

“Last year Marc Shapiro, a rock-music marketer, announced his intentions of opening a bourbon bar, and he tells us he’s now settled on a location — specifically, the former Rehab/Midway space.”

Normally, I’m skeptical of an insert liquor bar, but then I got to this part…

…and 60 or so bourbons, including many limited editions.”

60 bourbons?  Spend 15 minutes Google-ing and I bet you can’t find 60 bourbons.

Further proof that bourbon is where it is at—Jim Beam just convinced technophobe Kid Rock to team up on digital downloading.  Additionally, the bitters shortage we wrote about here appears to be over…

Is it May yet?


12 Responses

  1. I do like a good speakeasy; I guess ill have to try a good bourbon mixed drink.

  2. 30 minutes on Google and I couldn’t find 60 bourbons, although I wasn’t counting say the different kinds/flavors of Jack Daniels as more than one. Does anyone know if there difference between bourbon and rye?

  3. I always thought of rye as the whiskey drinkers bathtub gin. I was close though not exactly right. Basically bourbons made from corn mash Instead of rye and rye is less sweet and dry. A better question is why isn’t bourbon called corn given that rye is called rye? From wikipedia:
    “Rye is known for imparting what many call a spicey or fruity flavor to the whiskey. Due to its distinctive flavor, American rye whiskey is sometimes referred to as America’s equivalent of an Islay whisky.[6] Bourbon, distilled from at least 51% corn, is noticeably sweeter, and tends to be fuller bodied than rye. As bourbon gained popularity beyond the southern United States, bartenders increasingly substituted it for rye in cocktails like Whiskey Sours, Manhattans, and Old Fashioneds, which were initially made only with rye. All other things being equal, the character of the cocktail will be drier with rye.[7]”

  4. A better question is why isn’t bourbon called corn given that rye is called rye?
    A question for the ages.
    My guess: because I wouldn’t drink corn, but rye sounds like wry so it doesn’t immediately conjure images of grain.

  5. Rye doesn’t make you think of rye bread? Corn mash sounds sweeter than rye mash.

    I’m guessing it is likely because rye was a quick and dirty whiskey while bourbon obviously involved a whole set of qualifications to be called bourbon.

  6. This bar sounds splendid. Too much bourbon, too little time. I want to bathe in bourbon and all its glory.

  7. so any clue what kinds of beer they will have. hopefully pabst and rolling rock

  8. Rye for some reason does not make me think of rye bread, it makes me think of fields of wheat or the other wry. Don’t ask me why this is the way my brain works.

  9. It says there is a good craft beer selection. But you’re in the LES, if you need pbr Brooklyn is only a five minute subway ride away.

  10. GOOD NEWS! Found a bourbon based drink! I just discovered I can drink more mint juleps than Tom Buchanan.

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