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What’s wrong with Foursquare

“Last night I went to the theater. I took my son to see the Broadway-ized version of Green Day’s Rock Opera American Idiot. I was ready to hate the show, and instead I loved it. I didn’t expect to find business change there. I was wrong. Hats off to Green Day and the entire production staff of American Idiot for a business change that worked.

But WOW do I have issues with Foursquare.

…When we got to the theater I checked into Foursquare. In fact, I checked in three times, because that’s how many copies of the Saint James Theater are in the Foursquare database.”

That’s from commenter and Answer Guy, Jeff Yablon.  Check out his whole review of American Idiot in the comments here and on his site where he goes further in detail on Foursquare’s shortcomings and American Idiots’s successes.


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