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Mets and Yankees Fans

From a recent WSJ piece, some interesting (and contradictory?) findings about New York Mets fans compared with New Yankees fans:

  • 66% Yankees fans
  • 33% Mets fans
  • The Mets have more fans in Queens, of course, and the Yankees have an edge in the Bronx, but Manhattan is dead even at 19% each.
  • Male Mets fans were 43% more likely than Yankees fans to drink beer. “Blame their team,” said Sal Richichi, 30.
  • 51% of Mets fans married versus 41% Yankees fans married.
  • Mets fans had the Yankees fans beat in one telling category: they seem to pay a lot more attention. Not only do they monitor their team’s progress more often and make more bets, they listen to substantially more sports radio (26% to 17%).

The poll also found that 11% of Mets fans polled own a gun compared to only 5% of Yankee fans.  In a 650 person poll, with a 3.8% margin of error that’s pretty insignificant.  I would be more curious to see those 5% and 11% compared to say a poll of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, LA, and Detroit fans.

There is also a poll that claims to be able to predict whether you are a Mets or Yankees fan by profiling you.  Check it here.


4 Responses

  1. I took the quiz, it works. Yankees fan. Don’t drink beer, owns a mac, definitely a worrier, not messy, doesn’t own a cassette player. It sort of makes it sound like Mets fans are beer-drinking PC owning slobs stuck in the 80s.

  2. Mets fans are also pro dog and guns!

  3. I’m a dog owner and it still got me right as yankees. Krissy too. I bet munson ruins the quiz.

  4. I want to see a quiz like this where it tells you the best global team in any sport for you to follow, now THAT would be cool.

    PS It says I’m a Yankees fan…

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