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Jan Brewer, get out of my sports pages

Ugh, Jan Brewer writes ESPN.com Op-Ed piece, excerpted quotes below.

First, I hate when sports figures  make war or political analogies to sporting events.  I equally hate politicians who try to equate sports metaphors to real life.  It highlights their insincerity, insensitivity, their lack of understanding of the situation and sometimes their lack of understanding regarding the sport metaphor they’re making!

The Governor’s whole point is based on the fact that you blindly agree with this statement:

“Put simply, history shows that boycotts backfire and harm innocent people. Boycotts are just more politics and manipulation by out-of-state interests. As a border state, Arizona has already paid a heavy price for the federal government’s failure — hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in unreimbursed costs — and its citizens should not be punished further.”

I don’t. She doesn’t cite an example or anything, she just says history shows us and then says her point of view. Boycotts are how Joe the Plumbers show Jan the Governors that they mean business.  She also needs to make up her mind about what her bill is about preventing, crime or economics. Studies have found violent crimes are at their lowest levels among illegal immigrants in Arizona since the 1970s.

Further from Arizona Republic:

“While the nation’s illegal-immigrant population doubled from 1994 to 2004, according to federal records, the violent-crime rate declined 35 percent…Cochise County’s crime rate has been “flat” for at least 10 years, the sheriff added. Even in 2000, when record numbers of undocumented immigrants were detained in the area, just 4 percent of the area’s violent crimes were committed by illegal aliens.”

And Arizona’s illegal immigrant population actually dropped by more than 100,000 in 2008, the largest decrease of any state (note the date in the link is PRE-immigration reform law).

Her last point about Arizonians suffering because of federal government’s failures never says failings with what regards?  Because some illegal immigrants work for Arizona employers and don’t pay taxes?  Those illegal immigrants contributed something–a large amount of revenue to the businesses of Arizona. They might not pay taxes but they buy US goods and services while they’re here illegally, contributing to the US economy.  AND someone is hiring them.  It is not like they are all opening up their own companies. Take some accountability Arizonians. If history has shown us anything, its that boycotts do work…the NFL yanked the Super Bowl out of Arizona when it was the last state to recognize Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday. That’s what she is afraid of.

“Essentially, our border leaks like a team with a last-place defense. The very same week that I signed the new law, a major drug ring was broken up and Mexican cartel operatives suspected of running 40,000 pounds of marijuana through southern Arizona were indicted.”

What does this prove, that law enforcement works?  They got the bad guys.  The law wouldn’t have even affected this.

“It is time for our country to act to resolve our border security problem; an economic boycott in Arizona would only exacerbate it — and hurt innocent families and businesses merely seeking to survive during these difficult economic times.”

Imagine if Obama had enacted a bill like Arizona’s?  Ron Paul’s head would have exploded if their was a chance some of his liberties might be taken away. The militias would be marching.

Brewer raises some valid points about the former governor (though conveniently omits equal parts).

Oh, and remember  that story about the Arizona rancher who was supposedly murdered by illegal immigrants that sparked much of the current outrage?  Turns out authorities are now close to an arrest and the focus has turned to a person of interest in the US, not Mexico.

The long and short of it is I don’t want to read Janet Napolitano on ESPN.com.

Note: this was amended to include links to the points of reference.  Points to Justin.


4 Responses

  1. I can certainly appreciate why this is such a devisive issue.

    I also hate it when politicians make sports analogies – they come off as ridiculous. In her defense though, she is responding to the feedback generated by sports teams (Phoenix Suns), MLB and numerous athletes. They all have voiced their opinions so i do cut her some slack in that respect.

    as for boycotts, I don’t think it is a stretch to say that they hurt some people. It is obviously hard to quantify.

    And as for the economy/crime – she does provide some statistics to back her claims – the 6,000 foreign nationals in Arizona prisons that Arizonians pay $150,000 million for annually and this bit about crime ” In 2009, Phoenix had 316 kidnapping cases, turning the city into our nation’s kidnapping capital. Almost all of the persons kidnapped were illegal immigrants or linked to the drug trade.” those are pretty scary numbers. Arizona sits between two of the biggest drug smuggling operations in the world in Juarez and Tijuana so I can sympathize with why they would be so insistent upon closing borders

    I also thought her mentioning of Napolitano and the fact that it is already a law that legal aliens need to carry their green cards was compelling.

    in other news, i want to know where you got the info that illegal immigrant population is declining. not that i don’t believe you, more that i don’t believe that anyone could possibly claim that with any accuracy. I imagine it would be rather hard to keep a count on all the people here illegally…

    And yes, this should not be on ESPN

  2. I’ve updated the post. Thanks.

    The point of boycotts is to exercise pressure on those will in turn exercises pressure on the politicians.

    Would a more creative solution to the incarceration of foreign nationals be to send their country of origin a bill?

    The kidnappings while high, were predominately of or involving illegal immigrants as well. This seems to quell the notion that it is illegals abducting little Sally playing on the street corner.

    Legal ALIENS have to carry and produce paperwork, legal citizens do NOT. Under Arizona state law, suspicious looking citizens must now “show their papers”.

  3. What if you made much stiffer penalties against Arizona employers who are caught hiring illegal immigrants?

    And I don’t blame Jan Brewer (for appearing on ESPN.com), she was just looking for the biggest microphone she could find. I blame ESPN.com for Jan Brewer appearing on ESPN.com.

  4. @Justin the only difference between Brewer and Palin is 20 IQ points and Brewer rights down her cherry picked facts. How will focusing efforts on Jose, the migrant worker who just wants to landscape your lawn and go home with some money to his family deter the unscrupulous (and better backed) Juan the drug dealing criminal? We could probably cut down terrorism by putting all Muslims on the no fy list but the amount of innocent Muslim travelers affected would not make sense. Is it a crime problem or economic, there’s better regulations and incentives for each once they figure out what their “real problem” is.

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