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Some colleges turn to GMail, others think twice

More on Google taking over the world…

Kean junior, Joe S.:

“My Kean email now looks like GMail but I can’t log on from GMail.com. When I log in, it says KeanGoogle at the top left and has the same format as GMail.”

Is everyone aware that colleges and universities are turning to GMail to support their students email needs?

Here’s Fordham’s GMail blog and the notice announcing their move. Some school’s are thinking twice.  As noted above, Kean University is already using GMail, here’s their page.

More from Joe S. :

“Freshman year we had Kean email. Then my sophmore year they switched.  It wasn’t annoying to switch. It worked the same way as the Kean email. I just plugged in my user name and password and it took me to the new email. The name convention is @kean.edu. The school set everything up and has it in their system but I’m not too sure if the professors have our email addresses. Usually we give the professors our email address in class.”


4 Responses

  1. Additionally, Kean is getting rid of Department Chairs and replacing them with President appointed lackeys. OH and they are getting rid of whole departments like social work and philosophy, cause you know learning how to think and doing things to help others is not what we should be encouraging students to do.

  2. @Kate. You seem…bitter? These changes/cuts seem odd. They are excising two whole departments, will they be absorbed elsewhere?

    That must be a money issue. Why are they getting rid of chairs in favor of these appointees?

  3. Didn’t GMail just come out of Beta testing? Observations:

    1. If many schools start to go this way Google suddenly has an insane new amount of information on people (their majors, what their papers were on!). Smart and scary.
    2. GMail is free for anyone to join but my gmail still says I can only invite 100 people to join (I’m down to 92 invites). Weird.
    3. What happens when GMail crashes during first week or finals week of classes? Yikes.

  4. @Decce, I happen to be a sales rep for Kean so losing dept chairs means I lose valuable relationships in the department.

    heres the full article: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2010/05/07/kean

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