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Wow, busy week.  Cleaning out the inbox…

  1. 2008 saw music downloads surpass CD sales and 2010 sees cell phone data usage surpass phone calls.
  2. Greece posts list of worst offending tax dodgers.  Kind of awesome?
  3. Tweet from @Sea_Kyak: I have always hated when a bar has signs for a brand of beer but doesn’t serve said beer.  Us too.
  4. Revamped Microsoft Office Will Be Free on the Web
  5. Small New York Town Makes English the Law. I’m glad they settled that, I hate having to bring my English to Serbian dictionary when I visit that small New York town…
  6. 4 Big Banks Score Perfect 61-Day Run.  Angry umemployed guy still angry and unemployed.
  7. Cool pictures of fictional fruit.  Think starburst mash or Freakonomics.
  8. Our new brain drain, VideoGum.
  9. A funny cartoon/comic mash up story-telling blog. Finally, comic-strips meet the interwebs in a new way!

Okay, that’s like 75% of the inbox.  Yikes.


2 Responses

  1. There is nothing that lowers the value of a pub more than all sorts of beer signs on the wall that aren’t reflected on the tap.

    Video Gum is a time suck…

  2. Banks and @sea_Kyak are just making friends, huh?

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