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What is with all the baseball jewelry?

If you watch any baseball, you’ve noticed a lot of the players–particularly relief pitchers — wearing more and larger necklaces. They are supposed to help with your balance or something, I think.  And this is post 80 inch skull Barry Bonds baseball, hell, one day a year they even use pink bats, bring on the jewelry!

So, this year I started seeing a lot of players wearing what looked to be a tiny wristwatch.  So, I turned to my baseball (read: METS) and health obsessed friends Kat and Rich.  What were these little wrist-lets? I must know!

Because they are Kat and Rich, Rich was wearing one when I saw them on Saturday.  It turns out to be another item that claims to help your balance.  The test was to stand on one foot holding out one arm while they tried to push that arm down.  Then they gave me the Power Balance bracelet and repeated the test.  It may have helped me keep my balance–or it might have been the practice I’d just had thwarting the first attempt.  Either way, the Power Balance did could not thwart the effects of the four gin and tonics I would later drink.


2 Responses

  1. The balance assistance is relative…. it may have cancelled out those 4 Gin and Tonics had you left it on. But then it wouldn’t have been any fun to tightrope walk down that yellow safetly line on the subway platform on the way home …

    • Wait a minute…I took a cab home…or, did I?

      On a serious note, I realize they do two different things, but you’d say the effects of the balance bracelet product are more noticeable then the Phiten necklaces?

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