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Partying like it is 2014 at The New Meadowlands

The New Meadowlands scoring the 2014 Super Bowl brings three issues back to the forefront of New Jersey’s collective mind.

  1. Why is the news media reporting that New York and New Jersey scored the 2014 Super Bowl?  While it’s widely accepted that Giants and Jets go by New York, they were not awarded the game, the The New Meadowlands, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, was.
  2. Could they really not have come up with a better name than The New Meadowlands?
  3. Will Chris Christie surpass Ed Rendell for governor most likely to keel over in a celebratory fist pump?
From AM New York: Super boost?
“February is the slowest month for tourism in New York City, but the Super Bowl festivities in 2014 will give a healthy jolt to our finances:
    • $1,000: Estimated price for Super Bowl ticket
    • $550M: Estimated revenue for the NY region
    • $100K: NY region hotel rooms available to attendees
    • $18K: Restaurants in the NY region that can cash in”

That’s interesting.  So, that means that they have four years to get that train line to the Meadowlands in order that proved to be a disaster during its first go during the U2 concert last year.

* Here’s someone else who pointed out what I already did…after I did. New York Super Bowl actually in New Jersey.


One Response

  1. Christie needed a win since pretty much anyone who is or knows a teacher wants his head right now…

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