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Tweeting inside the Chinese bubble?

Bubble inside a Bubble

The problems in China’s housing market are more severe than those in the US before the financial crisis because they combine a potential bubble with the risk of social discontent, according to an adviser to the Chinese central bank.

I previously wrote about China’s empty city and its housing bubble house of cards here.  The difference being that bubbles eventually pop.  Houses of cards can exist as long as there’s no rowdy inhabitants and everyone moves very carefully.  Well, now the Financial Times’ Geoff Dyer in Beijing reports of growing social unrest further compounding an already complex bubble.  This led me to check out the “Nearby Tweets” function on my Twitter App,  I then zoomed out, dragged the cursor to China, and zoomed back in.  WOW.  Very, very cool.  Unfortunately, I don’t speak any form Chinese.  Anyone speak Mandarin??

HT: Justin


3 Responses

  1. OH MAN. I am having a blast playing with the Tweets Nearby on my iPhone. I wonder how accurate these are, as in location. I just scrolled out into the pacific ocean and found some girl tweeting.

  2. Okay, I can;t tell how accurate all the ones around the world are, but the ones in my neighborhood seem pretty accurate…and this is creepy, holy crap!

  3. […] a less than mediocre fluency in Spanish.  However, the presence on Facebook and blog posts about the Chinese economy will […]

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