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World Cup Resources: What to Read and Where to Watch

By Christopher Kyak

Whether you are a novice soccer fan or an insane footballing-nut–I am hoping you are somewhere in between–there is a lot of information coming at you this week.

Some Most of people aren’t insane and work during the weekday games since they start in the morning.  But, if you’ve got a smartphone there are more than a few websites that can keep you up to speed.

If you are looking to follow the game via message board go sign up at Bigsoccer.com.  It is a great blog with insanely in depth message boards for almost anything soccer related.

Just want to keep the scores up in the background? Try the official organization for international soccer’s (football) site FIFA.com.

Want scores and video highlights, go over to ESPN.go.com, the official US network covering the whole event, in HD.

Catch all the games at work, by heading over to ESPN3.com and look for the World Cup channel. The best part; its free.

Now, there are some crazies planning to take off or don’t work in the mornings there are an awesome amount of ways to watch the tournament.

If you are the type who likes to be at a bar for sporting events, try Meetup.com and search for Big Soccer World Cup viewings in your area. If you are in NYC just head to Nevada Smith’s on 3rd Ave between 11th and 12th. There are plenty of places in NYC to watch but do your research first as some of them are official supporter bars of other countries.

Be Safe!


2 Responses

  1. I think it’d be good to include that if you want to watch the matches with spanish commentators Univision is also streaming the whole thing in HD.

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