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Now That’s a Sports Coat

Special Contribution By Verb Vixen

Finally, the England-U.S. game of the 2010 World Cup is over which means no more stories about who is going to win, who has the better players, and all other things soccer that bore me. Don’t get me wrong, I watched the game, cheered for the U.S., and loved every second of it. Hooray for a draw!

What caught my eye more than those horrible orange cleats that England wore, was that fabulous three piece suit donned by male fashion icon, soccer superstar David Beckham–who was sidelined by an ACL injury. I suspected it was the Team England suit, but I needed to know more.

After much Googling (no, seriously, it never takes me this long to find information), I have the answer; Alfred Brown of Bramley is the Leeds based manufacturer of the lightweight, woolen, bird’s eye weave cloth that M & S, official tailor of the team since 2007, made into the two-button single breasted jacket with narrower lapels, the slimming waistcoat, and the flat front trousers  worn by Beckham at the game and the entire English team off the field. The replica suits are available in 90 M & S stores across England.

Now we know the facts: England chose to outfit their boys in style with a traditional three piece suit with a modern cut and fit all the while promoting a dying British industry: textiles. Leeds was once a key textile center with a skyline of mills when the suit was the once key wardrobe piece of England, nay the greater Western world. But modernity brings changes to industry and to fashion with the number of men wearing suits plummeting while the availability of cheap cloth increases from overseas. What was once a thriving, very British industry now hangs by a thread (yuck). Alfred Brown now markets their cloth as “woven in England” hoping to interest those who support locally made goods.

Hands down England wins my vote for the best off field apparel. I will even overlook those orange cleats because these suits are so beautifully constructed and the color inspired. Now, if we are talking best shoes, that’s easy.  Best off the pitch footwear goes to the caper cap toe oxfords by Cole Hahn worn by the U.S. team for their meeting with President Obama and former President Clinton. In fact, I give the U.S. team points for their blue and white warm-up jackets—sporty, preppy and adorable. I guess that means, USA for the win!

Sources: BBC Leeds, Huffington Post


5 Responses

  1. If anyone can save the textile inustry it’s D. Beckham!

  2. Just like England, caring more about image than the product on the pitch

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