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Capitalism, Testosterone, Jersey Shore, Reputation Defender!

She Doesn’t Trust You? Blame the Testosterone Well, alright.

Man on the street, Jersey Shore Edition Just as wild, slightly more classy.

Capitalism: Hollywood’s Miscast Villain A very interesting reflection on Capitalism’s generally negative portrayal in film–though it is funny how some of the “evil” characters like Gordon Gekko and Tony Montana [not mentioned in the article] have actually inadvertently spawned  followers.

Reputation Defender The Club [if it actually worked] for your Facebook account?

Jamaica, blogged.

Military Missions via Chatrooms? Does this remind anyone else of the video game war room in the 1992 movie, Toys.


3 Responses

  1. That article on the Jersey Shore makes me want to do what the reporter did, not live there, but follow these wild animals around and document it.

    That Jamaican blog is pretty polished. Where’d you come across that?

  2. Wait, the club doesn’t work? Ruh-Roh.

  3. Ugh. Jersey Shored.

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