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More from The Roots

The excellent new album How I got Over It by Philadelphia born and bred and newly New York transplanted band, The Roots, is out.  And it is so brand spanking new that I can’t even find the lyrics online yet to verify the following lyric rhymed by Blackthought where he waxes poetic about a “Banana Republican”.

I’ve never heard this phrase before, maybe my points of reference are lacking.  A quick Google search revealed this book by Eric Rauchway on Amazon, this seemingly Miami columnistthis blog by some random Fordam student and this excellent fake photoshopped image:

I haven’t re-listened to the album yet and I don’t remember any other context clues, but a shot in the dark would be slang for a fruity conservative?


3 Responses

  1. Downloading this and OS4 when I get home today…

  2. LOL

    This image made me think of the Red Bull commercial.

  3. I meant Red Stripe!!

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