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Pay-As-You-Go Restaurants, Gasland, Bread, and BEER

  • Josh Fox was on The Daily Show Monday night promoting the HBO release of his new documentary, Gasland, in which he exposes the toxic chemicals being leeched into water supplies as a consequence of a new natural gas drilling method, hydraulic fracturing. In one scene a faucet’s tap water is actually lit on fire. Stewart seemed genuinely shocked when Fox told him natural gas in the shale surrounding New York City’s water source is potentially under contract for fracturing.   Fox also discusses the PR push back natural gas is currently circulating against the film. He claims 500 plus chemicals involved, they claim about 10.  Stewart, “Uh, that’s kinda a disparity of…”.
  • Pay as you go restaurants and their sustainability.
  • Is yeast the greatest economic catalyst of all time? Wars have been fought over bread and beer.  Wars have started due to beer. Pound for pound, can you beat this one-celled animal?

2 Responses

  1. I want to visit a pay as you go…and drink some beer.

    I think Cowen is right, they’re not sustainable BUT, I am about to Google what is near me, SO, I guess it does raise place’s profiles in the short term…

  2. I think what New York City needs is flammable gas client under it through it’s water system. Are you serious NYC?? I could not believe it when I saw that fireball. The PR for “big” natural gas is so lame, it is sad that they try to spend their way out via PR to smear or refute the movie, instead of investing that money into R&D into finding ways that aren’t as destructive and toxic. At least with oil you can SEE a spil. The gas and chemicals involved in processing it could have a massive “spill” and no one will no until ten years later when everybody’s got cancer.

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