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Bourbon, Brooks, Borders, and Bogus (Statements)

1. Details for the New york City summer bourbon tasting are FINALLY HERE.

2. Sometimes David Brook’s is thought-proving, and sometimes he is completely aggravating and over the top.

3John McCain is running for his political life and how can you not but feel sorry for him when his consituents hurl stuff like this at him:

“We all know what happened after 9/11,” said one man in the audience here. “Why didn’t you close this border down? Where were you, Senator?”

4. What happened after 9/11?  I was under the impression that the big problem with 9/11 was all the training the terrorists got before it and then what they did on it. Also, are the people of Arizona afraid of a terrorist attack or something?

5. Here’s a bold mostly incorrect claim:

“e reality is that in the long term, the Android market share is going to catch up to Apple,” said Charles Golvin, a wireless analyst at Forrester Research. “When you have one device being sold to a smaller portion of the population, it’s not going to compete as well as many devices from many vendors on multiple carriers.”

The only thing limiting the iPhone market is AT&T.  It is compatible with all computers and you don’t have to be a Mac-person to love one — though I suspect many PC users are being tempted to make the jump to a Mac after the positive experience with their iPhones.  And everyone knows the AT&T thing is only going to last so long.  Remember when only the guys on Entourage had the Razor cell phone?  Two or three years later they were dirt cheap and on every carrier…


5 Responses

  1. I’ve never owned a mac and I neve even thought about it ’til browsing started to take longer on my virus infected Dell than it did on my iPhone 3GS.

  2. You assume everyone is loving their Iphone. I effing hate mine. Texting on that stupid touchscreen is ridiculously more difficult than on a regular phone or even my blackberry. The autocorrect is literally the most stupid thing I have ever encountered. I’m so not into apps, like at all. I kind of hope it breaks soon so I can get a normal phone back.
    That being said I love my mac computer and would never go back to a PC.
    I’m intrigued by the Ipad but waiting for the 2nd gen before trying that.

  3. you would probably like this


  4. @kate, the new operating system addresses your typing issues.

  5. […] also often annoys me.  Sometimes it is because he plays devil’s advocate for no particular reason (see previous […]

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