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A Maverick Government

  1. I would say that any equity investment in a company with 25 or fewer employees, held for, pick a term, three years or five years, when you sell it, it’s tax-free.
  2. Reduce the capital gains, but with a holding period. Because I think part of the flipside of where we have some problems is money in this country now has become fast money. It’s become traded money, as opposed to shareholder-driven, as opposed to enabling capital. You know, over the past 10 years, you know, there used to be a progression. You save your money, you know, friends’ and family money, you find–some find an angel investor, maybe even a VC. You busted your ass, and then you started to build a company, and then, you could raise capital again, by going public. And parallel to raising capital in the public markets, you know, you had a liquidity event of some level, or you know, you built your own personal market value. What companies go public these days? (Read More)

And that was what Mark Cuban would do if he ran the government like the Mavericks.

Transcript here.

Video here.


One Response

  1. If Mark Cuban ran the US it would be a scary yet awesome place. He has some good ideas though, particularly #1 above.

    First act of business: Dirk Nowitzki in charge of something. Not sure what. But something.

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