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How the heck did I get here?

At the end of each month I get a nice little report auto-generated and sent that shows how people got to the site — i.e. who is referring people here, what people are Google-ing to get here, etc.  It is always ineresting, you can sometimes learn from it and help drive traffic, and sometimes, like this slow summer month, you can just laugh at it.  Here are the results of July 2010’s What People Searched to Find The Unqualified Economist awards…




That’s right, Matt Gross — The Unqualified Economist took you down.  Alas, TUE was no match for Owen Wilson and that battered beak of his.

owen wilson nose 90
the unqualified economist 28
matt gross 19

Some other notable mentions:

why is everyone mad at lebron 14
how much does a teacher make 11
limping latex bandit 6
craigslist dubai 3
why do soccer players take dives 3
us debt 1800-2010 3

And in last place (and my absolute favorite)…

“where are my pancakes”


One Response

  1. I am constantly asking ‘where are my pancakes?’

    This is a funny snapshot into the mind of America.

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