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Random Question About Terrorism

US Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates announced planned Pentagon cuts on Monday.  Some people were pissed (Jim Webb), some were happy (Ike Skelton), and some were skeptical and pissed (Howard McKeon).

More or less, they were all reacting viscerally because of how the planned cuts would effect their constituents.

So, this isn’t exactly the same thing, but, it got me thinking viscerally about my current locale.

Every time money is allocated for terrorism defense funds there are always gripes.  New York City always wants more–I think, understandably so. Which brings me to my viscerality: why do terrorists attacking the US almost exclusively attack New York City?

Sure, Wall Street is in NYC but people on  Main Street in Tennessee hate Wall Street.  New York is arguably the most accepting–save the current community center near Ground Zero debacle–and definitely the most diverse population in the country.

What do the terrorists really hate about the US?  Is it the US’s “immoral” ways?  Aren’t L.A. and–hello–‘Sin City’, Las Vegas far worse than New York City in that department?

Is it the US government?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to give anyone ideas.  I just want to know why New York?

In my neighborhood I can get a delicious Halal meal, some tasty Punjabi treats, and an artery-clogging kosher Katz sandwich. And that’s just on one block.


6 Responses

  1. Well…regarding 9/11 the size of the building and how quickly the word would get out were probably main reasons. I suspect that the latter (especially because of the reaction to 9/11) is a prime reason for the subsequent attempts as pathetic as they might be (remember the “car bomb” that was poorly made a few months ago?) as these spread panic very fast anyway.
    So, maybe NYC is to crazy fundamentalists who want to become martyrs what LA is to girls from Oklahoma who want to become famous singer/actresses. Mind you, they both might end up just waiting tables permanently and hating their decisions in the end.

    • Yes, I thought about noting the population density/size of buildings.

      I like the analogy.

  2. That is a doubt that assailed me too: why New York? However Bush policies could have be doubtful (I remember easily several decisions of him which were seeding antipathy through the world), for me (an outsider), Bush and New York were different things. I see New York as a most cosmopolitan city, and one where different views are likely to be respected. It was not because, having a good muslin population, to have local support in the strikes… they were done using airplanes, which could have be used in any place. And the incident got automatically antipathy for that cause over the world (they also stroked the Pentagon and probably were after the white house, which in itself would have be a good enough proof of power strength, but everyone appears to have forgotten that). So, why New York?

    I think there may be here some equivocation. The only other great terrorist act I remember about New York was also with the WTC, at 1993. So, if there is some kind of attraction for the Terrorists there, is for the WTC, which now doesn’t exist, and not for anything else. Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman is still imprisoned, maybe he can shed some light why the WTC was the desirable target?

    • Times Square bomber?

      • First time I heard… maybe because it was a failed attempt and not a successful terrorist act. From what I read, too much amateurish, unless the idea was to fail. I would count it more like viral terrorism, a hate crime, that will arise given opportunity and mood, at these times. There has been more incidents than that, out of NY.

        I’m not saying that cities like NY are not targets. London and Madrid are there to show I would be wrong if I said that. And this is forgetting India, Bali, and others. But terrorism of the magnitude feared has usually some symbolic meaning. The initial question remains: why New York? Why strike again New York? Doesn’t makes sense.

        • I was referring to US only cities. I definitely think the Int’l destinations you point to are on point but the rest of the US pretty much ignores NYC’s terrorism except when they want to weigh in on where we can and can not put buildings in out own cities…

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