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End of Summer Inbox Cleanin’

  1. The libertarian education of liberals and conservatives.
  2. One in five teenagers suffer from at least slight hearing loss, a significant rise from a decade ago, when the rate was only one in seven.” Um, can you say iPods?
  3. I couldn’t disagree more with this.
  4. I couldn’t believe with all the professors who wrote in that not a single economist did–or at least was published  (restraining college costs).
  5. Write about food and get published! And more foodies wanted here!
  6. I’m late commenting on Friday the 13th negative shocks! I have to say I attended a pretty awesome wedding on Friday the 13th, and with the exception of not being able to procure pizza at 2am (OK, technically that was the 14th) it was a highly successful and attended event. Economy of Morristown, New Jersey, you’re welcome.
  7. Thats What She Said is now following you on Twitter!” Proud day for me.
  8. “Security experts are trying to raise awareness about the potential dangers of geotags, bits of GPS data that identify where a photo or video was taken.” Hello, “Tweets Nearby”.
  9. Productivity tips, tricks and hacks for academics.
  10. F in Exams.  I want this and will download it now if it is obtainable through iBooks.

2 Responses

  1. F in exams is hilarious. It makes you question the intelligence of people walking around on this planet…

    You’ve had a lot of libertarian commentary here lately.

  2. In response to an email from a colleague:

    “Business journalists are the high school nerds of the newsroom, lacking the dangerous glamour of the war correspondents, the proximity to fame of the sports and entertainment writers, and the alpha-dog swagger of the political press corps.”

    I could not disagree more. Sure, there isn’t the dangerous glamour of war reporting…but nothing will ever compare to that, dangerwise. I think business journalism is as “sexy” a profession as it has ever been. Between all that is going on in the world it has definitely made me rethink my decision to leave professional journalism completely.

    Just look at stuff like Inside Job, in a tough economy the first people to get the ax at a newspaper are the music/theater reporters, the business (and for some reason columnists) are always the most secure jobs.

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