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Stuff Economists and Statisticians Like

Gizmodo helps figure out what Stuff White People [Really] Like and more :

We selected 526,000 OkCupid users at random and divided them into groups by their (self-stated) race. We then took all these people’s profile essays (280 million words in total!) and isolated the words and phrases that made each racial group’s essays statistically distinct from the others’.

For instance, it turns out that all kinds of people list sushi as one of their favorite foods. But Asians are the only group who also list sashimi; it’s a racial outlier. Similarly, as we shall see, black people are 20 times more likely than everyone else to mention soul food, whereas no foods are distinct for white people, unless you count diet coke.

Click on the image to go to the post with more groups of people and interactive likes and dislikes…pretty funny.

Stuff White People Like

Van Halen, obviously…

HT: Katrina, and her love of mathematicians.


One Response

  1. Well, since I’m not a white guy, I guess it makes sense that I don’t know who robert heinlein.

    Something, is fishy here that the red sox are up there and not the Yankees–when you add in drop kick murphy’s I get the feeling this was a Boston heavy sample…

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