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Are iPhone users smarter than Android users?

A new report released by the Nielsen Company discusses new trends in advertising and downloads on smartphones.

Advertisers take note: People who have phones with Android operating systems are more likely to open an advertisement inside an app than are iPhone users. That, at least, is what the Nielsen Company says in a new report that it released on Monday about how people use mobile apps.

That’s from the NYT Bits Blog.

So, does this mean Apple iPhone users are less susceptible to marketing?  Previously, I would have thought that Android users would be the go it alone individuals that have avoided the band wagon–and thus, less prone to marketing ads.

Are there just more ads bundled on Androids than an iPhone?  Are iPhone users just smarter more selective? This iPhone user would like to think so.


2 Responses

  1. There’s a divide in iPhone users…

    some of the techiest people I know live on them, and some of the dumbest guys and girls I know walk around with them. You can tell that bunch by their shattered screens.

  2. Spoken like a true iPhone owner…

    A better question might be how many iPhone users, who had previously been PC users, have been nudged toward buying Mac laptops? I’d bet a lot.

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