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Not-so-excited for Enzyte

This is back from April but I just saw this CBNC American Greed episode and couldn’t believe this hasn’t got more play.

Remember those Enzyte “Bob” ads (If not, see here…)?

First, I have to say I remember those ads but if you had told me they had been for Viagra or Cialis I would have probably believed that.  The ad stuck, the product — a herbal supplement, not prescribed drug –did not.

Turns out that the male herbal supplement (along with several other kinds) probably don’t work…surprise!

But, what got me is that Enzyte’s biggest scam was not producing this pseudo-drug (that’s still on TV advertised by Bob). The biggest scam is that they were bilking people out of goods, double billing credit cards, and setting up continuous payments without providing prior notice.

Preview the episode here.

Via a college friend that I sent the video to: “I knew Free Credit Report was one of those instant sign up scams, sure.  But how did I not know the fake boner pills were a credit card scam, too??”


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