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For-profit schools want to make profits? Shocking.

New York Times Op-Ed by Jeremy Dehn, who teaches film and video production at the University of Denver, the Art Institute of Colorado and the University of Colorado at Denver.  Maybe I’m just too invested in Mad Men but I found this a fun a piece to read after watching this week’s episode with the “Why I quit tobacco” op-ed piece.

Here’s the part that’s really going to make me unpopular at my next faculty meeting. Many of my colleagues are excellent teachers, but their qualifications aren’t much of a priority for the college. While teachers at a state or private university are typically expected to hold M.F.A.’s or Ph.D.’s, for-profit teachers need only to have taken a few hours of graduate course work.

Teachers at for-profits are paid less, and work more. Full-time instructors teach up to four times as many classes as their state school counterparts. And although nobody teaches only for the money — I gross just over $30,000 a year, summers on, no benefits — I earn 50 percent to 65 percent more at nonprofits. I try to treat both jobs with the same seriousness, but I’d be lying if I said this was always the case.

Yes, I’m too invested in Man Men…



2 Responses

  1. […] original here: For-profit schools want to make profits? Shocking. « The … By admin | category: University of DENVER | tags: colorado-at-denver, dehn, denver, […]

  2. I read about the difference in course costs awhile ago. It is a little shocking to hear it from a professor teaching at the institution.

    I have to ask–what has the upside of a for-profit been painted as? That you’ll definitely get in (not sarcasm)?

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