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A rally with some sanity, some irrationality and a lot of calamity.

This is what happens when major news sources ban employees not covering the Rally for Sanity from attending:

You either get AOL covering the event. Seriously, AOL. What does AOL even do anymore and why do they have reporters? Why? Why? Why? I wonder if they had to use a 14,400 connection to file this report or if they were able to connect at 28,880 speed.  I can hear the dial up!

OR you get a gang of crazy guys running around DC with an HD Camera and some serious video editing skills. Gonzo media, Student Loans for Beer Money-style:

In a weird, weird way, I think they may actually be more informative or at least attune to the mentality of some of those in attendance. Gonzo?  Probaby not.  Better than AOL?  Hell yes.

HT:  Verb Vixen

And just for fun, the 100 best signs at the rally:

100 signs video HT: mrwiizrd in MR comments.


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