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Tim Geitner as the eTrade Baby?

Remember in 2002 when everyone had an eTrade account and thought they were day traders?  Well, how do manage this?

Shares of General Motors opened for trading on Thursday at $35 and surged nearly 8 percent in the first few minutes on the New York Stock Exchange.

The offering, which raised $23.1 billion, is bigger and more ambitious than had once seemed possible. But the recently bankrupt automaker will have to build on its revival for the government to recoup its entire $50 billion investment and validate the Obama administration’s decision to keep G.M. from collapsing.

To break even, the Treasury Department will need to sell its remaining 500 million shares at an average price of $53 each in the months and years to come.

So, what happens if GM comes barnstorming out of the gates and the stock starts to sky rocket past $53 a share?  Do we hold out? Does the US have a sell order in on Ameritrade set to $52.99?

Also, isn’t this the perfect marketing strategy for GM to pitch their new and improved cars to the American people as an investment in getting their money back?  Aka, the better GM does the better the American people will make out in the long run…


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