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Top Posts of 2010

1. Women in Combat: Justin, “I’m okay with it.

I have to give it up to Justin — the guy knows how to pick a fight controversial topic. This was by far the biggest post due to the repeat commenters.  For the biggest post of he year in terms of unique visits see #2 and #8.

2. If you’re mad Lebron went to Miami you’re a socialist.

Also, one of the biggest searched terms of 2010–“Why are people mad at Lebron?”  As I move away from this post I kind of want to rethink it usually because Lebron is dunking over someone on the Knicks and I am throwing something at the television.

3. USA v. England Drinking and Yelling Game

Another guest blog by the inimitable Chris Kyak.

4. Babies in Bars: Another Reason to Hate Hipsters

This was a link that was relinked a few places.  And gave rise to more hipster economics writing.  Man, some people really hate this guy in the article, it turns out.

5. US Debt as Percent of GDP Gov’t Spending

You couldn’t escape this in 2010. Always fun to play with the US Government Spending website.

6. Best use of a wax Tiger

I mean, the picture speaks for itself…

7. The Economics of Winter Weather

The first of what turned into its own category, Infographs.

8. A Graphic Representation: Balding to Bearded

My favorite creation that I’ve made to date in the infographic category.

9. How much does a teacher make?

For obvious reasons.

10. This is why the rent is so damn high!

Thank the heavens for this man.

11. It’s (Mostly) Always Sunny in Pittsburgh

What a great website that has really slowed to a crawl…

12. The Economics of Education, The Politics of “Clerical Error”

Oh, Chris Christie…

13. A 21st Century Catholic Church?

14. The economics of beer

I’ve done like 10 economics of beer with more coming.  It should really get its own category.  I’m not even sure which link this one is to.  I should probably give the next one a more descriptive title…

Very near miss honorable mentions:

Ask a Nurse! THANK YOU, MEGAN!

The Economics of Batting .300 a fun one.

Why do soccer players take so many dives? There is some economics in there–barely–I swear!

And of course, for some reason, someone(s) has put this linked picture from the “Ask a Nurse” post with Carla! from scrubs into he top of 2010.  Weird.

Finally,  too new but still gaining ground — some said it was Jon Stewart’s show dedicated to the 9/11 First Responders that turned the tide in the Senate  to get the bill past–still, I think it was my 9/11 First Responders Bill Vs. Tax Cuts graph!  Either way, glad it got passed (albeit a smaller package)!






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