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St. Patrick’s Day/NCAAs Vs. Worker Productivity

I’d like to see data on what contributes more to the delinquency of workers today: First game of NCAA or St. Patrick’s Day?

Here’s my best estimate–drops at lunch, first tip off, and then the 4pm malaise….


3 Responses

  1. I think you’re giving too much productivity early on in the day. Clearly, people will get into work and either start checking on brackets or researching good pubs to run to as soon as the day ends.

  2. The logic was that they spend the first two hours frantically trying to get the day’s work done in two hours. Then again, they might also experience delays/agitations due to the revelers. Or, true, as you say, they may start party planning (or checking blogs about partying) early on, too.

  3. Also the spike just before 4pm is when the food coma from lunch has warn off and they are again frantically trying to get things done before 4 when they plan on waiting out the last hour…or so I’m told…S

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