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The near government shutdown as an episode of House

You know, seemingly deadly disease and description of disease, in this case debt that isn’t actually pushing up our borrowing costs. (Commercial/Tweet from Matt Yglesias). We think we know what to do but we will have to try lots of things that won’t work like defunding HeadStart and Americorps, to find the thing that does work. (Commercial/Tweet from Ezra Klein).  It’s a miracle!  We figured out we could fund government whether or not the DC office of planned parenthood talked about condoms!  (Role credits/Meet the Press).

And remember, it is never sarcoidosis.

Addendum: Actually, just scanned the list of symptoms of sarcoidosis and, not only do I have it but the federal budget has it!  Check it out, “extreme sensitivity to environmental factors”.  The EPA was defunded, coincidence, I think not!


2 Responses

  1. No, its never LUPUS…

    • I mean, duh. Lupus is like the ACORN of House, first to get shot (shut) down. Sarcoidosis, always seems like the answer on he surface–like foreign aid–but dig a little deeper and you see it just isn’t the right answer.

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