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Apple is tracking where you use your iPhone, oh my

I’ve seen this all over Facebook but I don’t think anyone has written about it.  Some guy that used to work for Apple has released an open source app that allows you to view tracking data that your iPhone keeps and sends back to Apple.  Basically, a little map of everywhere you’ve made a phone call from.

I’m not totally convinced this is in anyway sinister, probably just a function Apple figured out along the way and turned on.  Who knows, maybe it is in an effort to help AT&T and Verizon see where iPhone usage is highest for improving coverage.

I’m as Libertarian as the next guy but if you think that VISA and AMEX can not and are not already tracking this same stuff — they definitely are, looking for fraud alerts! — then you’re crazy.  People are only making a big deal because it is mildly spooky and you can download the info from your phone.


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