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Smart Phones and Dog Doo

When handheld devices first came out people weren’t yet ‘trained’ to walk blindly down a city sidewalk and I would imagine a very small percent of those early adopters found themselves stepping in dog doo.  However, as smart phones usage has soared, people have gotten used to the technology and the ‘acceptability’ (not by me) of multitasking while walking down the street is also exponentially higher.  Coupled that with the fact that someone walking their while using a smart phone is less likely to clean up after the dog and I would imagine the smart phone to dog doo curve looks something like this:


6 Responses

  1. looks pretty spot on. in other news i read about an app in the UK that allows you to use you camera to create a real time background for your phone ( in essence videoing the sidewalk in front of you) so you can still see the sidewalk when you text, email, look up porn on your walk to whereever it is you walk to

  2. Yep, that app does exist– it also exists in the states. My brother has it and I think he’s used it while driving.

  3. I heard about this too and its on the iPhone 4. I don’t understand though, does the ‘window’ to the floor only take up half the screen? Why is it just in the UK?

  4. Why would you need it while driving, how exactly does he steer?

  5. If this is used while driving I would imagine it would actually make the accident rates go up.

  6. I don’t have a dumb phone so I don’t step in dog poo. I probably won’t get hit by a car either. What’s the hit by a car to dumb phone curve look like?

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