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Canadian Elections and Twitter

Bin Laden and our own economic woes are overshadowing this — but no is talking about the trouncing the conservative party dished out in the recent Canadian election.

My [Canadian] friend Taryn:

Do you want to know how crazy this is??  Toronto did not even re-elect its NHL legend Ken Dryden.  Toronto!!  The most hockey-crazy city ever!!!

At the same time Elections Canada is facing a dilemma that no one everyone could have predicted after social media users on Monday night disregarded an old law that bans the transmission of election results before all polls close.

From the Toronto Star:

The agency, tasked with upholding an archaic provision in the Canada Elections Act dating back to 1938, now faces the bizarre conundrum of knowing about widespread online dissemination of election results through Twitter and Facebook, but being powerless to do anything about it.

Unless someone complains, Elections Canada can’t open an investigation into any alleged transgressions. So far the agency refuses to confirm or deny that any complaints have been lodged.

When did Canada turn into the United States circa 2002?


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