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Hashtags on TV and the Beardpocalypse

Jimmy Fallon’s done a lot bits where he introduces a hashtag and asks fans to Tweet something outrageous that corresponds to the topic in the hashtag.

Previously I’ve written about Comedy Cenrtal pioneering the use of hashtags in the bottom corner of the TV screen.  It was usually just the program that was currently airing.  It has been appearing sporadically since.

Monday night #Beardpocalypse — the Conan O’Brien and Will Ferrell gag was used beforehand and during the show, which made the word start trending.

Then it made all of the local news shows on Tuesday.  Get ready for every show, ever, to start making not as slick use of gimmicky hashtags.

I’m still surprised more fictional TV shows don’t have characters Tweeting along in real time with the shows the way people like Anthony Bourdain Tweets live to No Reservations (hashtagged, of course).


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