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Is Fred Wilpon Smarter Than We All Think?

Probably not.  Okay, definitely not.  But this quote from the Daily News did get me thinking about personal incentives and some behavioral thinking.

Daily News article

Wilpon didn’t get off as easy. Gee, what a shock that he was getting pounded Monday inside the Valley of the Stupid. It went something like this: What good comes out of his comments about Reyes, David Wright (“not a superstar”) and Carlos Beltran (“he’s 65 to 70% of what he was”)? Or just when the focus returned to the field, Wilpon takes it off with his opinions.

What is the Hail Mary that could save the Mets and the Wilpons? Money and a World Championship.  How do you motivate your key players?  You tell them they are playing for their future contracts and their pride.  Which is what he basically did, in a very, very asinine way. It kind of reminds me of a movie I saw once…


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