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Michele Bachman has 28 kids (and only one L in her name)

I’ve been consumed with work and other matters but I suspect one of the major networks must have raised this issue…


Blogger and Commenter Intelligence

In a fit of annoyance I previously made a graph (and drank an iced coffee) showing the level of arrogance on extremely intelligent blogs–see below.  I never posted it because it is more like some of the smartest bloggers and I was just annoyed at the moment.

Modeled Behavior, who I generally agree with, makes a point which I think actually holds a lot more true than my knee jerk reaction.  The comment sections on blogs tend to go the other way.  The more arrogant a commenter, generally the less he or she understands the issue.

The strong inverse correlation between commenter cockiness and both grasp of the issue and reading comprehension is irritating.

They get you with the fees…

This seems to be a questionable business practice…also, where’s my sharpie?

Smart Phones and Dog Doo

When handheld devices first came out people weren’t yet ‘trained’ to walk blindly down a city sidewalk and I would imagine a very small percent of those early adopters found themselves stepping in dog doo.  However, as smart phones usage has soared, people have gotten used to the technology and the ‘acceptability’ (not by me) of multitasking while walking down the street is also exponentially higher.  Coupled that with the fact that someone walking their while using a smart phone is less likely to clean up after the dog and I would imagine the smart phone to dog doo curve looks something like this:

When iPhones are not efficient

Am I losing my mind or shouldn’t my iPhone have sent me up 1st Street?
HT: Kyak

Check the collection of mostly original infographs!

Okay, not mostly, but the best are original…Remember to click each individual post to see the image. You can find the collection here.

Graph: Likely outcome of owning a real light saber.

From Geeks are Sexy


Thanks to Yesley for the pointer.

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