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Most people clean their own houses. Some have hired help come and clean. But not everyone has paid to have their memories thrown into the local town dump.

It is 2006, there is no recession and the author, Tom Acox, is working his way through graduate school hauling Philadelphia’s junk out of basements, dorm rooms, and backyards.

Welcome to the world of “Got Junk?”.

Some of the customers divulge intimate divorce details; others pass on leftover pharmaceutical freebies; and occasionally you’ll encounter long buried…bones!

Every morning holds a different Junking-partner-in-crime, and every house holds a different story. Sometimes, a house will even be holding your new couch and entertainment system as well.

What started out as an easy summer gig turned into this author’s most physically and mentally grueling job full of smart-mouthed gawkers, grape Gatorade, and more stuff than anyone could fit into their living room.

Sample junk list from a job at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business:

Three black leather office chairs, two unopened bulk size cartons of Easy Mac, assorted cases of ramen noodles, jumbo roll of garbage bags, a live Pearl Jam album, four working televisions between twelve and twenty one inches. A fifty inch big screen (with a golf ball lodged inside). Four completely empty yet completely smelly mini-fridges, three filthy but functioning microwaves, roughly four hundred blank CD-Rs (three hundred in spindles, about a hundred loose), four unopened bottles of Merlot, a digital voice recorder, two neon beer signs.


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