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You do NOT need a Kindle to buy my eBook!

Sorry for the back to back shameless self-promotion posts…people kept asking, here’s the answer.

To read my book you do not need a Kindle.

You need whatever you are reading this on now.

So, a computer, an iPad, an iPhone, an Android.  Just go to the link below, purchase it and it will ask what device you want it sent to.  Then just go download the Kindle reader App on whatever device you picked.

(You can use it on multiple devices if you’re splitting time between say a computer and iPhone.)

Buy it (and review it!) on Amazon here.


My Author Page On Amazon

My Amazon Author Page is finally updated.  What do you think?  Remember, my love of cheese can not be understated.

After Tom Acox graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA,
he authored a College Prowler guide to make sure all his favorite
college haunts would live on (they didn’t, R.I.P Muddy Duck).

He has written for Metro Newspaper in Philadelphia and New York City and was even able to get a free meal or two as Philadelphia Weekly’s Food and
Drink man in the street.

Currently, you can find him working on economics textbooks or
making whiskey in his apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

A lover of BBQ, graphs, Mexican food, beer, statistics and cheese in alternating orders, Acox writes daily at http://www.theunqualifiedeconomist.com; occasionally at http://www.popblerd.com; and inappropriately at @ThatTomAcox.

Image of "Tom Acox"

(You can buy the Got Junk? here.)

Know an aspiring NYC based photographer who wants to take some gratis shots for a proper bio pic? Leave comment!

The Economics (or not) of Wearing Hats

There has to be some behavorial economics in here somewhere I just can’t figure out what it is.  Something with signaling, or, er, oh, I don’t know. But, I get it.

Wearing hats that are not baseball caps just feels like it is screaming pretentious.  And yet, when traveling, it is totally cool. Also, when you are Don Draper, totally cool.

Via Transient Travels:

extension mattie

[photo courtesy of Bryce of Extension Mattie]

“”When my girls weekend crew and I were wandering the streets of New Orleans, a strange, yet stylish urge came over me as we went in and out of local shops. I suddenly wanted to buy a hat. So I did, and it was thrilling…

…Yes, I know that a hat is far from considered a ‘risk’ to most, but to me, it’s just not something I feel I can pull off in my day to day life.

When traveling though, I can wear a hat. I can be stylish. I can be anybody.

I wore the hat for the entire trip and told myself that I’d still wear it when I got home. It hasn’t been worn since. All won’t be lost though when I bring it on my next trip and wear it shamelessly.”

Um, thanks Judy Reyes (Nurse Carla); I’m #1!

“Carla Scrubs” has been the leading top search engine keyword in terms of how people are navigating to my site lately. I did a quick search and the actress who plays Carla on the TV show Scrubs is in a new independent film. But that still doesn’t explain why people are landing on my site.

I also couldn’t remember writing anything about Carla/Judy.  So, I searched myself — and ah-ha!

I used an image of Judy Reyes (as Carla) in my question and answer series: Ask a Nurse and the response post Answers From Nurse Megan.

Turns out I have the highest appearing Google Image Search item for “Carla Scrubs”


Search Views
carla scrubs 21

ME in the news. Sort of. Happy Bday PW!

Philadelphia Weekly recently put out a 40th Anniversary Issue.  A very interesting read on the changing times of Philadelphia, the evolution of newspapers, and the print/media/revenue struggle.

But the best article by far…

PW’s Most Memorable Interns:

What’s the worst thing you were ever asked to do as a PW intern?

Tom Acox: Jim Newell and I were sent to Jessica Pressler and Doree Shafrir’s apartment to help them move. They gave us beer and pizza, which was awesome. I emailed Jessica a lead for a story years later that started, “Hey, you might remember me, I helped carry Doree’s couch.”

Which staffer did you most look up to and why?

Tom Acox: Neil Ferguson was the coolest guy going. He actually inspired a character in a screenplay I was writing at the time (look for it in theaters in the summer 2017!).

Some Questions for Ritz-Carlton’s Social Media Director

If the Ritz-Carlton is spamming me, does’t that mean I am already part of their ‘Email Community‘?

Why do companies–across the board–insist on sending emails with HTML based crap that doesn’t show up properly unless I tell it to or they give me the inexplicable option to ‘Open this email as a webpage’?

The $86,000 dog.

Apparently there was a highly trained (and equipped) dog with the Navy Seals that took out Bin Laden.

Last year, the Seals bought four waterproof tactical vests for their dogs that featured infrared and night-vision cameras so that handlers — holding a three-inch monitor from as far as 1,000 yards away — could immediately see what the dogs were seeing. The vests, which come in coyote tan and camouflage, let handlers communicate with the dogs with a speaker…Navy Seal teams have trained to parachute from great heights and deploy out of helicopters with dogs.

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