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My eBook’s New Cover

Now actually featuring the title and my name, wa-hooo.  I really rushed getting that sucker posted.

Got Junk?


You do NOT need a Kindle to buy my eBook!

Sorry for the back to back shameless self-promotion posts…people kept asking, here’s the answer.

To read my book you do not need a Kindle.

You need whatever you are reading this on now.

So, a computer, an iPad, an iPhone, an Android.  Just go to the link below, purchase it and it will ask what device you want it sent to.  Then just go download the Kindle reader App on whatever device you picked.

(You can use it on multiple devices if you’re splitting time between say a computer and iPhone.)

Buy it (and review it!) on Amazon here.

My Author Page On Amazon

My Amazon Author Page is finally updated.  What do you think?  Remember, my love of cheese can not be understated.

After Tom Acox graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA,
he authored a College Prowler guide to make sure all his favorite
college haunts would live on (they didn’t, R.I.P Muddy Duck).

He has written for Metro Newspaper in Philadelphia and New York City and was even able to get a free meal or two as Philadelphia Weekly’s Food and
Drink man in the street.

Currently, you can find him working on economics textbooks or
making whiskey in his apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

A lover of BBQ, graphs, Mexican food, beer, statistics and cheese in alternating orders, Acox writes daily at http://www.theunqualifiedeconomist.com; occasionally at http://www.popblerd.com; and inappropriately at @ThatTomAcox.

Image of "Tom Acox"

(You can buy the Got Junk? here.)

Know an aspiring NYC based photographer who wants to take some gratis shots for a proper bio pic? Leave comment!

@Amazon keeps @iTunes honest, sorta. #CompetitiveMarkets

Are Apple and iTunes falling off?

Not sure, but like Bing driving Google improvements, changes are coming…

In the past I avoided buying digital music from Amazon because their slightly more competitive prices over iTunes did not provide enough value for the costs of figuring out how to add the MP3s into my iTunes, etc.  Then Amazon came up with a music wizard that automatically adds the music to your iTunes.  Great, but I know iTunes, why do I switch?

Then Amazon ramped up their pricing discounts on music the same way they did with their book prices.  And, that got me. Today I bought the new Justin Townes Earle album for $5 on Amazon as opposed to $9 or $11 on iTunes.

What’s new?  Amazon’s cloud music storage.  Apple has this but for some reason hasn’t really pumped up the volume on this just yet. Maybe Steve Jobbs being absent is leading to the fall or maybe Apple is waiting for Amazon to have the fight with the music business like it did with the publishing industry.

Oh, and what is with iTunes offering ‘music videos’ as added bonuses on the premium albums?  Do they think their users don’t have access to the internet?

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