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Unsettling Medical Statistics of the Day

Imagine if 95% of people didn’t know they had…

Via Philly.com

Celiac is an autoimmune disease that afflicts about one in every 133 Americans. But an estimated 95 percent of people who have the disease are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

The disease is activated by the protein gluten, which is found in foods containing wheat, rye or barley, and its symptoms are wide-ranging – fatigue, bloating and gas, canker sores and joint pain. Because symptoms can vary from patient to patient, diagnosis can be difficult.


ME in the news. Sort of. Happy Bday PW!

Philadelphia Weekly recently put out a 40th Anniversary Issue.  A very interesting read on the changing times of Philadelphia, the evolution of newspapers, and the print/media/revenue struggle.

But the best article by far…

PW’s Most Memorable Interns:

What’s the worst thing you were ever asked to do as a PW intern?

Tom Acox: Jim Newell and I were sent to Jessica Pressler and Doree Shafrir’s apartment to help them move. They gave us beer and pizza, which was awesome. I emailed Jessica a lead for a story years later that started, “Hey, you might remember me, I helped carry Doree’s couch.”

Which staffer did you most look up to and why?

Tom Acox: Neil Ferguson was the coolest guy going. He actually inspired a character in a screenplay I was writing at the time (look for it in theaters in the summer 2017!).

My New eBook, Got Junk?, is on Amazon!

You can download  my eBook, Got Junk? here or by clicking the original cover below.

The book recounts my real life job working in Philadelphia for the biggest junk hauling company in the world (yes, they’re global).  The idea was to have a fun time while paying the rent in grad school.  The people we got to meet, the stuff we got to throw away [and keep] and the ridiculous things we did made this one of the most interesting summers in my life.

Last I checked I was selling in the top 2% of eBooks (#18,000 out of 750,000 eBooks).

The book is $2.99 and you CAN read it on ANY device.  It works on computers, iPods, iPads, Kindles, and Androids.

If you don’t have a Kindle, DON’T FREAK OUT. 

All you need to do is download the free Kindle app for whatever device you have.  Just start to buy the book and it will ask you what kind of device you need the app on.  I know you’ve got something because you’re reading this!

The Amazon description, etc is being expanded/updated as I had to post something when the book launched.

Here’s the Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Skeleton in the Backyard

Chapter 2 “I’m Having a Cigarette…”

Chapter 3 ‘Tis the Season (The Mother Load)

Chapter 4 The Wedding Gift

Chapter 5 The Dump

Chapter 6 Pizza and Viagra

Chapter 7 “Where do the old computers go?”

Chapter 8 We’ve Got Junk

Chapter 9 Spandex, Catering, and My Husband, the Music Producer

Chapter 10 Cleaning the Blogger’s House

Chapter 11 Anna’s Ass

Chapter 12 Peas in a POD

Chapter 13 The Organ Lady

Chapter 14 McShea’s Irish Pub

Chapter 15 “Is this what a broken neck feels like?”

Got Junk?

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